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Everybody has their own story on a Sunday. Koi sota hai, toh koi khelta. Par ab sab badalne wala hai

Discovery Kids presents a movie premiere on every Sunday. So no more going to the cinema because the cinema is coming to you!

Sunday Movie Funday - Every Sunday 11AM & 6PM


This month on Sunday Movie Funday


It's time for your favorite - Kisna, to raise the weapons and take charge. To destroy evil rather than just chasing it away. 

Aa gaya hai ek naya mahayoddha - Mahayoddha Kisna - All month in June


Mahayoddha Kisna - Pattharon ka Daanav

11th June



Mahayoddha Kisna - Mahanaag

18th June



Mahayoddha Kisna - Kaali Shakti

  25th June




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