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Adventures Of Tenali Raman, The back


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Based on a character from Indian folklore, these stories tell of Tenali, the king's favorite courtier, who finds that his popularity brings him many enemies.

Take a trip back into history… to a world of kings and palaces, countries and jesters. This was the age of Tenali Raman, a royal jester and court clown without parallel, the prince of wit and the very life of the Vijayanagara court!
Vijayanagara is the empire of King Krishna Deva Raya, the undisputed King of South India. The King is a great patron of arts and sciences, and Tenali Raman is one of the eight wise men who adorn his court. The lively court provides the perfect arena for the outrageous battle of wit between Tenali Raman and his adversaries!

Like all heroes, however, Tenali battles back and triumphs over his adversaries with wit and charm to spare. 



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